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The Apt Gets:

The Apt Gets are a pop band which uses guitars and Open Source audio software on no-cost & low cost computer hardware to write and perform their music.

We use the internet as the main source of ideas for material and since 2008 most of our songs have been created from verbatim spam emails.
If you are in posession of a spam email you think would be particlarly good put to music email us at the address on the home page.
Here's something from one of our gigs.

Having played at places like Barcamps and other geeky events we have discovered that some who go to such things like various types of thrashy dark metal music. We have had drunken discussions with very passionate people wearing black clothing, and although we find these conversations enormously interesting, nothing would persuade us to emulate such bands. Most of the time we much prefer to sing about Viagra (TM) and replica watches.

The next Apt Gets performance is during the Sheffield Placard Headphone Festival at Access Space on 16th July 2011.