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Here are links to some applications available for Linux.
Most have detailed descriptions of what the software is intended to do, screen shots, mailing list sign-up and a few have very detailed manuals.

* Audio applications
Ardour - audio sequencer/multi-track recorder
Rosegarden - midi and audio sequencer
Audacity - cross-platform audio file editor/recording software
ZynaddsubFX - software synthesiser
AM Synth - software synthesiser
Qjackctl - graphical user interface for Jack Audio Connection Kit
LADSPA - audio plug-ins for a compatible host
ALSA - Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
Snd - very sophisticated audio file editor
Qtractor - audio and midi sequencer
Specimen - simple but very useful sampler
Hydrogen - drum sampler/sequencer
Dave Phillips for many years has had a website in which he documents pretty much everything to do with Linux audio, Linux-Sound

* Video applications
Cinelerra - video editor
Kino - video editor
KDEnlive - video editor
Mobile Media Converter - video file converter interface
Open Movie Editor - video editor

* Animation & digital image processing
Blender - animation application
GIMP - image editing/processing
Inkscape - vector drawing application

* CD/DVD burning software